Sophie Doherty – 2 October 2021 

With the upcoming ease of Covid-19 restrictions, people are waiting to break free of lockdowns and get back to the activities they’ve been longing to do these past couple of months. Young people especially are feeling the same excitement they had before trying their first sip of alcohol, but now just yearning for an ice-cold beverage with friends again. With all of these plans to finally be able to go out and party again, figuring out how to get home after the party will no longer have to be a struggle for those who drove their car and had too much to drink. PKUP is a car/ride service that is here to reduce the issues that arise after a night of drinking with their current “Home safe” campaign to keep drink drivers off the road and get young people and their car’s home safe.


PKUP is a car service where two drivers are assigned to your location to pick you and your car up, with one driving your car while the other drives behind to collect your driver after dropping you home safe. This revolutionary idea began in Canberra with two brothers who are now the founders of the company, Joshua and Oscar Gonzalez, who saw potential for a convenient service that allows people to be spontaneous knowing they can book a ride for themselves and their car without feeling stuck and unsure of how to get home.

PKUP is here to solve those tricky situations when you’re with your car and unable to drive home, with their easy to navigate app. Leaving your car in the city or an unfamiliar location can be daunting knowing the risks that can arise, such as getting a ticket in the morning depending on where you parked or even worse, your car being broken into. According to Budget Direct, there were roughly  963 cases of stolen motor vehicles in the ACT in 2020, with Belconnen and the Inner north area home to the most incidents. (BudgetDirect, 2021). These statistics alone are enough to re-consider deserting your car overnight while getting a lift home.

Getting enough sleep before work after a big night of drinking is even easier with PKUP if you drove your car out for drinks the night before. By ordering a PKUP to take you and your car home, customers can save time by having their car with them in the morning rather than having to get a ride before their shift. The app will guarantee that your car is with you rather than relying on that hungover friend who said they’ll give you a lift to your car the next day but isn’t answering the phone, leaving you to book a ride when you could have just used PKUP, saving you time and in some instances cash too.

Price Comparison

PKUP’s price point sits around the same price as what two Ubers or other ride apps would cost if you took one home after drinks, and one to get back to your car the next day, offering you convenience and time the day after drinking to recover from your hangover.

On average an Uber from Mooseheads carpark in the city, to Nicholls Gungahlin, and then back again the next day is roughly $70. A PKUP ride from Mooseheads carpark to Nicholls is $70 currently on the app, plus adding the discount at the bottom of this article, you end up paying around the same amount or less. Getting an Uber home early morning after a night in the city can rack up to be a lot depending on how many people are also heading home or how many drivers are working. Using PKUP allows you to not have to worry about that extra trip the next day while knowing your car is safe and sound at your home.

Preventing Drink Driving

Australia has one of the highest rates of accidents caused by drivers under the influence in the world. (Breathalysersaustralia, 2020). Research by the Government of South Australia shows that convenience is the main reason drinkers get behind the wheel rather than choosing a safer transport option. (Tarzia. V, 2021). Though it may seem like a good idea at the time, young people need to consider the dangerous risks associated with deciding to drink drive. Road accidents are the main cause of death in the 15-29 age group around the world, with speeding and drink driving being the two main causes of these accidents (Breathalysersaustralia, 2020). According to National Road Safety, drink driving is the highest contributing factor in 30% of fatal crashes in Australia, with over 1 in 4 of the drivers and riders killed on Australian roads having a BAC exceeding the legal limit. (NRSPP, 2020). Surprisingly, a lot more people choose this mode of transport than they should, even after knowing the dangers. The intelligent thing would be to take a safer route home to avoid becoming one of those statistics, hurting others or losing your license.

“I regret Drink Driving”

A student at University of Canberra who will remain anonymous, was stuck in the situation where they had too much to drink but were with their car and ended up drink driving home, only to run a red light and get caught by police for driving under the influence. They had to pay a total of $1000 in fines and lost their licence for three months.

“I was with my car and needed it the next day so I felt like my options were limited, ironically my decision resulted in me not being allowed to use it the next day due to being caught. I was so close to home so it felt somewhat merciful, looking back I regret that decision and would have definitely booked a PKUP if I knew about the service. My advice for young people who think drink driving is a good idea, book a ride home, it may seem like a waste of money at the time but choosing to be irresponsible is not worth it as you are putting yourself and others in danger and will end up paying more in the long-run.” (Anonymous, 15th September 2020).

Get Home Safe

To reduce the risks associated with partying and driving to keep young people and their cars safe, PKUP is offering an exclusive discount code during their “Home Safe” campaign. Use code HOMESAFE for $15 off your next PKUP after downloading the app on the app store or through the link: Trust PKUP to get you and your car home safely.


Author - Sophie Doherty

Sophie is 21 years old and in her third year of a bachelors degree in Business marketing at the University of Canberra. She enjoys writing and hopes to work in the fashion industry in her future marketing endeavours.


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