Sophie Doherty – 8 October 2021

With the current lockdowns in place in Canberra, people are looking for things to do to get out of the house within the limitations. Picnics are a great way of getting outside while being able to see friends. Having a cheese board and wine in the fresh air feels similar to afternoon drinks out on the weekend, but how do you get home when you’ve had a little too much to drink? This is where PKUP comes in. PKUP is a car/ride service where two drivers arrive to your location and one drives you and your car, while the other follows behind to collect your driver at the end.

Restricting yourself to a couple of drinks because you drove does not have to be the reality anymore. PKUP allows you to be spontaneous and have as much as you like, knowing they can get you home safe. This is the best solution to get home with your car to avoid leaving it somewhere other than your driveway after drinking and catching a ride home, leaving you to take another trip back to collect your car.

With their current “Home Safe” campaign, PKUP is offering an exclusive discount code for $15 off your next ride. Download the app and type in the HOMESAFE discount code in the discount code bar, or through the link:

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