Sophie Doherty - 12 October 2021

With the excitement of the end of lockdowns coming up, myself and many other young people are keen to be able to go out and party with friends in what feels like forever. With these plans comes those tricky situations involving how to get home after a night of drinking when you have your car with you. PKUP is a car/ride service where two drivers are assigned to your location to pick you and your car up, with one driving your car while the other drives behind to collect your driver after dropping you home safe. PKUP is here to broaden people’s options when stuck in situations that involve their car and drinking, with their current “Home safe” campaign to keep drink drivers off the road by getting young people and their car’s home safe.

PKUP allows you to be spontaneous with your plans for going out for drinks. As a young person who often goes out with friends, I often find myself in situations where I wish I had someone else to drive my car home. This is why I wanted to shine light on some of those situations to hopefully find other young people who will benefit from this service to reduce the issues that arise when choosing different modes of transport to get home.

1. When you’ve had too much to drink but have your car with you

For many, this situation would just end in them booking an Uber home and planning to collect their car the next day. Though doing so could face negative outcomes by leaving your car somewhere other than your driveway.

It could get broken into

Leaving your car in an unfamiliar location runs the risk of someone breaking into it to steal belongings that are inside or worse, stealing the car. According to Budget Direct, there were roughly 936 cases of stolen motor vehicles in Canberra, with Belconnen and the Inner north area home to the most incidents, (Budget Direct, 2021). This statistic alone is enough to re-consider deserting your car overnight while getting a lift home. Instead choosing a PKUP to get yourself and your car home is a much safer outcome.

You could get a ticket in the morning

Most situations where one ends up leaving their car somewhere overnight after unexpected drinks are those who went out for dinner in the city or a frequently visited area. Prior to covid-19, the ACT Government brought in more than $16 million dollars from parking tickets alone, and $10 million in 2020 due to the pandemic, (Lindell, J, 2021). With the current instalment of patrol vans which scan license plates, avoiding a parking ticket in a popular area is almost impossible unless following the sign rules. More things opening up will result in more people driving places, which means more patrol vans. Leaving your car in a limited time parking spot may seem fine if you plan to come back early the next morning or think you probably won’t get a ticket, but not everything goes to plan and paying a fine will end up costing a lot more than a PKUP would, which does not require that extra trip the next day.

If you need your car in the morning

Having unexpected drinks the night before work is spontaneous and risky for many reasons. Choosing to get a lift and leave your car overnight means you will have to collect your car the next day before your shift, meaning you have less time to sleep in. I’ve been in a situation where I forgot my car wasn’t at home and had to call an Uber to get to work then another one after to get my car, which racked up a hefty bill and a scolding for being late. PKUP will get you home allowing plenty of time the next day to sleep in and not worry about the early morning rush of getting an Uber or lift to collect your car before your shift.

Don’t rely on your friend to give you a lift to your car

Once you’ve had a few drinks and remember you have your car with you, your friend who tells you they will give you a lift to collect it the next day in their drunken state should not always be trusted. They may wake up and feel too hungover while being over the legal limit to drive, they could have other plans they forgot to mention, they might be sleeping all day or they simply cannot be bothered to anymore. This will result in you having to pay for an Uber or take a different mode of transport to pick it up. You can always trust PKUP to ensure you have a way of bringing your car home after a night out.

Ubering home and back to collect your car is inconvenient and expensive

PKUP’s price point sits around the same price as what two Ubers or other ride apps would cost if you took one home after drinks, and another back to get your car the next day. PKUP offers you convenience and extra time the day after drinking to recover from your hangover while knowing your car is safe and sound at your home, rather than having to take that extra trip to get your car and praying nothing happened to it.

Over the limit next morning

After all the fuss of getting a lift to collect your car the day after drinking, it is extremely possible that you will be over the legal BAC level to drive, and can risk getting caught. Depending on your night you may have to wait until after 10am or 2pm the next day before you can drive. (NRSPP, 2017). As there is no way to speed up your BAC level, ordering a PKUP at the end of the night ensures you don’t have to worry about being pulled over after collecting your car the next day, as it would be already home with you.

2. When you think drink driving is the best option, think again

Though it may seem like a good idea at the time, young people need to consider the dangerous risks associated with deciding to drink drive over paying money for a ride. Road accidents are the main cause of death in the 15-29 age group around the world, with drink driving being one of the main reasons for the accidents, (Breathalysersaustralia, 2020). According to National Road Safety, drink driving is the highest contributing factor in 30% of fatal crashes in Australia, with over 1 in 4 of the drivers and riders killed on Australian roads having a BAC exceeding the legal limit. (NRSPP, 2020). The safest route home is to order a PKUP to avoid becoming one of these statistics.

3. When you want to drive yourself and friends to a party

Many people enjoy the comfort of their own car and find it easier to drive themselves to events. Choosing to drive yourself and your friends to a party or plans means you can jam out in the car without worrying about a stranger listening. You can also leave your drinks in the car so no one can pinch them, while your passengers can get ready on the way and not have to worry about carrying a bag around. If by the end of the night, the designated driver failed to stay sober, you can order a PKUP and not have to worry about leaving your car there overnight.

4. When you drive the family car and end up having a naughty drink

We’ve all been in the situation where your parents don’t want you drinking at a party so they make you drive, but things turn south and you’re unsure of what to do. On one hand you can get a lift home and face getting in trouble for leaving the car at the party, on the other hand you may think drink driving is the only way to avoid getting in trouble, though this could lead to you being in more trouble. PKUP is the best solution to make sure you and the car are home safely and avoid getting in trouble with your parents or the law.

Get Home Safe

PKUP is the best solution to get you and your car home to avoid these situations that we have all faced in one way or another. In light of their current campaign, PKUP is offering an exclusive discount code for your next ride to save you money while PKUP saves your butt.

Use code HOMESAFE for $15 off your first PKUP after downloading the app on the app store or through the link: Trust PKUP to get you home safe to lower the risks associated with partying and driving.


Author - Sophie Doherty

Sophie is 21 years old and in her third year of a bachelors degree in Business marketing at the University of Canberra. She enjoys writing and hopes to work in the fashion industry in her future marketing endeavours.
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