Sophie Doherty - 26 October 2021

People enjoy doing what they’re used to. Getting home after a big night out usually follows the same routine of ordering an Uber when the night has ended. But what happens when a spanner is thrown into the works, and you’re stuck with your car after a night out, unsure of whether to leave it and catch a ride home, or choose another mode of transport?

PKUP is a car/ride service to accommodate those who have their car with them, and need to get home, but simply cannot drive for whatever reason. The app (available for use in the ACT, NSW and QLD) works through assigning two drivers to your location to pick you and your car up, with one driving your car while the other drives behind you to collect your driver after dropping you home safe. There are many types of people who will benefit from trying a new way of getting home by using PKUP. This blog post covers which kind of people will love the app in the hopes of giving them a different and more convenient way to get home to what they’re used to.

1. Those who need their car the next morning

Having a job or commitments that require you to drive in the early morning can impact your night before. Getting home and having enough sleep before your morning obligations is even easier with PKUP, by ensuring your car is at home and ready to use, rather than being left somewhere other than your driveway. PKUP will save you that extra trip to get your car in the morning and allow you to be wherever you need to be with that extra hour of sleep behind you.

2. Those who like sleeping in their own bed

When the party is over and you just want to get back home in your own bed and not be stuck on a stranger’s couch because you can’t drive your car, PKUP is the best option. The app will get you home while saving you from having to return the next day in your hungover state and greet the others who stayed over.

3. The car owner who doesn’t want to pay for the extra uber the next day

When you’re heading home with your group of friends, the one who drove their car pulls the short straw by having to pay for another uber to get back to their car the next day after splitting an uber to get home. Rather split the share of a PKUP!

4. Those who feel uneasy leaving their car out overnight

Scared of leaving your precious car overnight in an unknown location? Don’t worry, PKUP can get it off the street and back into your driveway without the stress of worrying whether you’re going to find it the next morning with a scratch on the door or a ticket on windshield.

5. Those who feel more comfortable in their own car

Some people simply enjoy a ride in their own car rather than whatever car an Uber or taxi is driving. Using PKUP allows you to drive to and from your destination in the comfort of your own car, while being able to leave your belongings and drinks in the backseat so no one can pinch them.

6. Those who usually resort to drink driving

People who drink drive often do so for the connivence, to avoid picking up their car the next day. But it won’t be so convenient when they lose their licence and can’t go anywhere at all. PKUP is the convenient and legal mode of transport one should use to get home rather than pulling the risky card to drink drive.


Author - Sophie Doherty

Sophie is 21 years old and in her third year of a bachelors degree in Business marketing at the University of Canberra. She enjoys writing and hopes to work in the fashion industry in her future marketing endeavours.

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