Become a PKUP driver

Work with a friend to earn extra money.

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Become a PKUP driver

Work with a friend to earn extra money.

What is PKUP?


PKUP is an app. We will connect you to riders who need their car driven so you can start earning.

How driving with PKUP works

1️⃣ You travel to the pick up location (you can have a friend pick you up and drop you off between jobs). 
2️⃣ You will get into your customer's car and drive their car (you can have your friend follow). 
3️⃣ You make great money.


When you drive with PKUP you'll write your own roster (and pay check). You'll work when you want, with who you want, and for as long as you want. We'll be here at every turn. 


PKUP has a very high reputation in the Canberra community and is highly valued by business owners, families, mums and dads, busy working professionals and tradies. Your customers will want more than just a driver, they want someone to trust, relate with and converse with on the way home.



Driving with PKUP means you may get to work with someone you know! It’s great for couples, friends, neighbours or relatives. We are looking for pairs to apply so that they can work together.


Boost your income

On average you'll earn $52 per PKUP trip and keep 100% of your tips.


Support your community

Everyday you'll meet members of your community and have the chance to expand your network.



Choose the hours you drive.

It's easy to start


Apply to be a PKUP driver


1. Apply to be a PKUP driver


We will review your application and assess your eligibility

2. We will review your application and assess your eligibility

Collect your driver pack from the PKUP office

3. Collect your driver pack from the PKUP office

Download the PKUP driver app

4. Download the PKUP driver app

Start Earning!

5. Start Earning!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I earn? 

Drivers earn 65% of every PKUP trip. You will make at LEAST $35.5 and on average $52 per PKUP trip.


Pay will be directly deposited into your account weekly!

How much does it cost to sign up?

The costs of becoming a PKUP driver depends on what paperwork you already have, it can vary between $30 to as little as $200. Signing up to drive is free and the driver app is free too. There may be costs involved to obtain the appropriate paperwork. When you have successfully signed up you will need to purchase a PKUP driver pack.

Why do I need a pair to apply? 


You will arrange your own method of travel between PKUP trips. The most common option is to have another driver to take you between trips. You will drive your customers car and the other driver can follow in another vehicle.

What are the required working hours?


Although we recommend you go online for a least 5 hours a week. There are no requirements! As a PKUP driver you will not be required to work a certain amount of hours. You will choose your hours and work around your own personal schedule.

What are the requirements to become a PKUP driver? 

You will need:

  • a FULL Australian drivers licence 
  • to be 25 years or older
  • to be able to drive a manual transmission
  • a Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) card 
  • a police background check 
  • a driving Record (you can obtain your record from Access Canberra)
  • an Australian Business Number (ABN)

Whose car will I use? 


You will need to arrange your own appropriate method of travel to and from each PKUP trip. You can use your own car or motorbike.

Up for it?

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