What is PKUP?

PKUP is a professional driver service. Drivers will pick you up from your chosen destination and drive you in your own car. 

How much notice do I need to give PKUP?

We recommend 30 minutes to ensure we can get to you on time. However earlier bookings are appreciated.

How far will my driver take me?

Your driver will take you to wherever you need to go as long as the trip begins or ends in the ACT.

How can I become a driver?

PKUP is currently looking for drivers. Please refer to the drive with us page for more information.





How will I know when the driver arrives?

You can track your driver via the PKUP app and you will receive notification of their arrival. Your PKUP driver will also give you a call when they arrive at your requested pick up location.

I don’t have enough seats in my car, can someone get in the follow car?

Unfortunately not, PKUP is not a rideshare service. You are booking a driver.

What if I have children?

All our drivers are comfortable and are more than happy for you to have children in the car. All our drivers have been police checked. We ask that your car is fitted with the appropriate car seat requirements.

Can we make additional drop offs?

Yes, additional drop offs can be made at the normal rate of travel. Please make sure you let your driver know.





How much does it cost?

Prices can be calculated through the PKUP app or on our online trip estimator, please refer to this webpage for a free instant quote.

How can I pay?

All trips are paid through the PKUP app, online booking tool, or over the phone.