How does PKUP work?

We drive you and your car!

Two drivers arrive at your location, one driver will drive your car and the other will follow.
The booking process and payment is all done through the app.

How will my PKUP driver get home after the trip?

All PKUP drivers work in pairs. Your driver will get dropped off at your location and picked up at the destination by the same “follow” driver.


What areas does PKUP service?

PKUP services all of Canberra and Queanbeyan.

Your driver can drop you off in a surrounding Canberra region (for example Sutton) as long as your PKUP begins within Canberra.

What are the PKUP operating hours?

Drivers are available via the PKUP app on:

Sunday – Thursday: 1pm -12am

Friday – Saturday: 1pm – 2am


Does PKUP have surge pricing?

No, we do not have a surge pricing policy.

Our rates are split into day rates and night rates. Night rates are effective from 12am.

Rates are publicly released and can be seen on the  PKUP app or online booking tool.




How can I become a driver?

PKUP is a fun and exciting way to make extra money. You can become a driver by applying here or refer to the drive with us page for more information.





How do I book a PKUP?

All trips are booked through the PKUP app or online booking tool.


How much notice do I need to give PKUP?

Your driver will require 20-30 minutes notice. However, you can book with plenty of time in advance to ensure your driver is confirmed.


How will I know when my driver arrives?

You can track your driver via the PKUP app and you will receive a notification of their arrival. Your PKUP driver may also call  you when they arrive.

I don’t have enough seats in my car, can someone get in the follow car?

When using the PKUP app, you are booking a driver. Which means unfortunately you will not be allowed to ride with the follow driver.

What if I have children?

Great! Using PKUP means you get to use the child seats already fitting in your car. All our drivers are comfortable and are more than happy for you to have children in the car. All our drivers have been police checked.

What if I have pets?

Most of our drivers are comfortable taking pets but some maybe allergic. Please call or message your driver to ask them if they are ok with your pet being in  the car. If they are not comfortable, politely decline the PKUP and book another.      


Can we make additional drop offs?

Absolutely, additional drop offs can be made at the normal rate of travel. Please make sure you let your driver know.

What happens if I cancel?

If you book a PKUP and cancel within 5 minutes of booking you will not be charged a cancellation fee. All other cancellations are subject to cancellation fees.


Why does it say service not available? Why can’t I see the “PKUP” service level ?

If the app says the service is unavailable, you are outside the coverage zone.

If you are outside the coverage zone and would like to book a PKUP back into Canberra please call us on 0449 985 103. Please make sure to arrange this before your day/night out.




How much does it cost?

Prices will vary depending on the PKUP duration and time. You can get a instant quote through the PKUP app or on our online trip estimator.

I accidentally booked outside the operating hours and I was charged

When placing a booking a pre authorization is taken to make sure there is sufficient funds on the card. This is a pre authorization and will disappear from your bank account shortly. You will NOT be charged.


How can I pay?

All trips are paid through the PKUP app.

I would like my PKUP trip reviewed

If you would like a PKUP trip or cancellation fee reviewed, please follow the following steps:

  1. open the PKUP app and click the options tabs
  2. Click ‘Ride history’ and select the PKUP trip which you would like reviewed
  3. At the bottom of the ride receipt there is a ‘Request rare review’ tab.

Our team will then receive the fare review and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




What about insurance for my car?

In the unlikely event that your driver is responsible for a collision, PKUP will pay the excess fee of your insurance policy. Please review section 8 of our T&C for full details.


What about third-party damage?

PKUP holds public liability insurance so you can be worry free.