When someone else is driving your car you want to make sure that everything is protected. We’ve made it easy for you to understand how insurance works when using the PKUP app. Please ensure to read and review our terms and conditions before accessing or using the PKUP app.

Ok, so you’re here because you want to know;

“What happens if a PKUP driver crashes my car?”

It’s simple – to use PKUP you must have fully comprehensive car insurance that covers unlisted drivers. If a driver has an accident in your car, all claims will go through your insurance policy. PKUP drivers are 25 and above so you may not need to worry about any age restrictions on your policy.

But don’t worry, PKUP has been operating for 3 years now and no PKUP driver has had an accident while driving.

If you don’t have fully comprehensive insurance on your car, we’re sorry to say that you can’t use PKUP.

“What happens if the PKUP driver has an accident that isn’t their fault?”

All of these sorts of claims will also go through your insurance policy.


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