Just Your Car

Move your car to wherever you need it.

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Track your car from A to B

The PKUP app lets you watch your cars’ journey from start to finish in real-time, so you’ll know exactly when and where it’s arrived.

Peace of mind, before and after

Drivers are encouraged to take a photo before and after they drive your car. This way, you’ll know that your car is left in tip-top condition.

Keeping your car safe

You can prearrange a safe spot for your driver to leave your keys when the pick-up is finished.

Quick and cashless

With instant in-app contactless payment and drivers just around the corner, your driver can arrive within minutes.

How you can use

Just Your Car

  • 1So that car servicing or repairs aren’t an inconvenience (a driver will collect your car and drop it back to you)
  • 2If you have borrowed a hire car and need it picked up or returned
  • 3If you have your car but just need someone to drive it (think purchasing a new car, or you drove to the airport and need your car back home)
  • 4If you’re out having a good night and want to kick on (but need your car taken home so it’s ready for the next day)
How it Works
Step 1 Download the app

Or use our simple online booking tool to request a pick-up.

Step 2 Enter your car's location

Wherever your car is, the driver will pick it up from there.

Step 3 Set a time

Ready to go whenever you need, whether it’s in a few days or right now.

Step 4 No riders, just your car

The driver will move your car and leave your keys in a prearranged safe spot.

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Questions? Check our FAQ page for answers.

A: Pricing is based on the distance travelled, trip duration and city. Use our online price estimate tool here to get an instant estimate.


Alternatively, You can use the PKUP App here to enter your starting address and destination to get an instant estimate.

A: To request a PKUP, you can use our online booking tool here.Request a driver with the ‘Just your car’ option in the PKUP app

Alternatively, download the PKUP app here and create an account.

A: Before using PKUP please ensure that your car’s insurance policy will cover the driver. All PKUP drivers are at least 25 years of age.

If your car’s insurance policy does not cover unlisted drivers then PKUP drivers will not be able to drive your car.

Upon request, we are more than happy to connect you with an older driver that is above the age of 25 or 30.

Visit our insurance page for more information and review the Terms and Conditions 

A: You can request a pick-up at any hour of the day or night however, we highly recommend you book in advance. Trips requested for ‘now’ are subject to driver availability.

A: To request a driver to take your car to a service:

1. Request a driver with the ‘Just your car’ option in the PKUP app.

2. Once you have been paired with a driver, notify your mechanic that the listed driver will be dropping off your car/picking it up on your behalf.

3. Let the driver know where the car is going and where s/he should leave the keys.

Thank you! It was too easy to get in contact, driver arrived, took my car through the car wash & back to my place. Kate Swain, PKUP user

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