How do I book a PKUP?

A: To book a PKUP driver, download the PKUP app and create an account. You can get the app on the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

If you are on a phone, click here 

A: You can book a PKUP from anywhere in the coverage regions shown below.

A: Yes, you can book a PKUP driver months in advance before your desired scheduled pick-up time.

Advanced bookings go out to drivers 30 minutes before the requested pick-up time, so that on the day/night the driver who is closest to you can best serve you.

You will receive a notification once your booking is confirmed.

A: You can change the time of your PKUP anytime before or after you’ve been paired with a driver, however, depending on the situation you may be charged a fee. 


If you have been paired with a driver your best option is to give them a call and see if they are available to change the pickup time. If the driver is fine with the change they will adjust the time for you. 

If the driver is on the way or has arrived and is not available to change the time, you will be charged a fee,as you will be required to cancel the PKUP and book another. The fee will be to compensate for the drivers time and effort.

If you haven’t been paired with a driver you can simply cancel and book another PKUP through the PKUP app.  

A: You can contact your driver by either calling them or messaging them on the app. As our drivers are on the road, if you need to contact them quickly, we suggest giving them a quick call.

Remember, your driver might be finishing a nearby PKUP, so they might not reply or answer your messages and call until they are next available. 

A: Drivers are responsible for making their own arrangements to and from the pickup location and destination.

The most common arrangement that drivers use is that they have a friend/family member pick them up at the final destination and transport them to their next PKUP.  

A: As the PKUP app is  an intermediary between you and nearby drivers, the hours that drivers are available depends on the regular availability of the drivers near your area.  


Whenever a driver is online, you can request a PKUP driver.


Drivers are almost always available between 9:00am to 12:00am. If you plan on requesting a driver between 12:00am – 9:00am, it is recommended that you book in advance to secure your driver.  

A: To request a driver to take your car to a car service:

1. Request a driver with the ‘Just your car’ option in the app.  

2. Once you have been paired with a driver, notify your mechanic that the listed driver will be dropping off your car/picking it up on your behalf.

3. Let the driver know where the car is going and where s/he should leave the keys. If the driver is bringing the car back from the service – let them know of a secure place to leave it at your house. 

A: If your driver is not moving on the app it could be that they haven’t started travelling to your requested pick up destination, their app has crashed and they are restarting it or they are finishing a nearby PKUP. To confirm the situation you can give your driver a call or send them a message through the app.

Remember: They might be finishing a nearby PKUP and might not respond to your call or message immediately.

A: If your PKUP trip was more than $82.50 you can request a tax invoice and we will issue one on behalf of your driver. 


Fill in the contact form requesting a tax invoice ensuring you include your full name and phone number as registered on the app. We will provide you a tax invoice on behalf of your driver.

A: Yes, PKUP is a privately owned Australian company founded in Canberra by Oscar and Joshua Gonzalez.

A: PKUP drivers have public liability insurance. If however your car is NOT insured to cover other people to drive your vehicle then drivers will not be able to drive your car. 

Please review our Terms and Conditions in full for more information about insurance and before using the platform.   

A: No, all passengers must go in your car.

Remember: you are booking a PKUP driver not a taxi (car/rideshare). 


The most common transportation arrangement that drivers use between PKUP trips, is to have a friend pick them up at the final destination and transport them to their next PKUP. The follow driver is not contracted by PKUP. 

We recommend that NO passengers travel in the ‘follow’ car.  

A: Your driver will generally require 20-30 minutes notice before your desire pick up time. Sometimes they can be there sooner. However, you can book with plenty of time in advance to ensure your driver is confirmed.

A: Great! Using PKUP means you get to use the child seats already fitted in your car. All our drivers are comfortable and more than happy for you to have children in the car. All our drivers have been police checked and have a current Working With Vulnerable People card.

A: Most of our drivers are comfortable with taking pets however some might be allergic. 


Please call or message your driver through the PKUP app to ask them if they are ok with your pet being in the car. If they are not comfortable, politely decline the PKUP and book another driver.

Note: Please call your driver to confirm if they are happy to transport your pet, as soon as you have been paired with them through the app.


How much will I earn?

A: Drivers earn 65%* of every PKUP trip. On average it will be $52** per PKUP.

Payments are directly deposited into your account weekly!

* Excludes taxes, fees, petrol and other additional charges.
** This opportunity is for an independent contractor. Actual earnings may vary depending on the number of PKUP trips taken, time of day, location and other factors. PKUP does not guarantee an actual earning amount. 

A: Signing up to drive is free and the driver app is free too. There may be costs involved to obtain the appropriate paperwork. When you have successfully signed up you will need to purchase a $30 PKUP driver pack.

A: There are none! As a PKUP driver you will not be required to work a certain number of hours. You will choose your hours and work around your own personal schedule.

A: You will need to arrange an appropriate method of transport between each PKUP trip. The most common method drivers use is to arrange* a friend with a car or motorbike to transport them.  

A: You will need to arrange your own method of transport between PKUP trips. The most common option is to have another driver (usually a friend or family member) to transport you between PKUP trips. You will drive your customers car and the other driver can follow in their vehicle to pick you up at the destination.

A: Yes, if you can arrange a method of transport between PKUP trips (i.e bus, train, taxi). However, you will need to make sure that you can arrive at each PKUP on time.

A: All riders booking on the PKUP app are aware (and should be aware) that they need comprehensive insurance that will cover PKUP drivers.


For more information on the insurance that customers must have when booking a PKUP trip, visit the terms and conditions.

A: We do not match drivers or organise transportation between PKUP trips for a driver. It is the driver’s sole responsibility to arrange transport between each PKUP trip. 

A: As a PKUP driver, you are considered an independent contractor. There are many benefits to being an independent contractor! 

  • Flexibility –  You can choose the hours you work around your personal schedule.  
  • You are your own boss – You will have control and won’t need to answer to a boss 
  • Business expenses – Expenses you incur when running a business as a PKUP driver may be deductible in your tax return*.


*This does not constitute tax advice. Please consult your local tax adviser or tax administration for your personal tax return benefits and obligations.

A: Signing up to drive is easy and takes only five steps: 


  1. Sign up to drive online 
  2. Upload your documents in the backend portal 
  3. Watch the learning videos
  4. Pick up your driver pack/meet some of the PKUP team
  5. Start earning great money

Payment and refunds

I have been charged more than once

A: When you request a PKUP, your bank will verify if your credit and debit cards have sufficient funds before dispatching a driver to you (“pre authorisation”). 




Please note that each bank’s pre authorisation matching process will vary, you may see your bank statement show three lines of entry, for example:

1 $80 Debit PKUP (pre authorisation)
2 $80 Credit PKUP (pre authorisation)

3 $75 Debit PKUP (actual PKUP trip amount)

Please note: that PKUP never receives pre-authorised funds from your bank account. PKUP will only receive the final cost amount. 


The time of release for a pre-authorisations is dependent on your bank and PKUP has no control of this process. If there are delays we advise you to check with your bank. As pre-authorisations are always held with your bank you may be able to request a faster release.

A: When you request a PKUP, your bank will verify if your credit and debit cards have sufficient funds on the card before dispatching a driver to you (“pre authorisation”).  This pre-authorisation will disappear from your bank account within a few days or instantly (each bank has a different pre authorisation matching process).

Please note: that PKUP never receives pre-authorised funds from your bank account, PKUP will only receive the final cost amount. Pre-authorisations are always held with your bank.

A: When you request a PKUP, credit and debit cards are verified by your bank to determine if there are sufficient funds on the card, before dispatching a driver to you (“pre-authorised”)

In a similar way to securing petrol at an unmanned service station, the selected/estimated amount is pre-authorised before the transaction takes place. Once the transaction is completed (the PKUP has ended), only the actual amount of the PKUP trip is charged to the card. The pre-authorised amount is then released by your bank.

At NO TIME does PKUP receive more funds from your bank than that of the amount of the total PKUP trip. 

A: Payments with PKUP are automatic. Within the app, select your prefered credit or debit card for payment, after each PKUP trip the final amount is charged to your preferred payment option. 


Please note, upon successfully requesting a PKUP, trips are ‘pre-authorised’ on the payment card listed on the app. This is done to check if there are sufficient available funds on the card. The ‘pre-authorised’ amount is the estimated PKUP trip cost.

A: You may have been charged a cancellation fee to compensate for the drivers time as per our cancellation policy.

Pre-booked PKUP trips (booked 1 hour before the requested pick up time)

You will be charged a cancellation fee for a pre-booked PKUP trip if you cancel 10 minutes after a driver has accepted your PKUP trip. In some cases the cancellation fee will be based on how far the driver has already driven.


On-demand PKUP trips (booked within 1 hour of the requested pick up time) 

You will be charged a cancellation fee for on-demand PKUP trips if you cancel 2 minutes after your PKUP trip has been accepted by a driver. In some cases the cancellation fee will be based on how far the driver has already driven.


Generally, you will be charged $44.95 if the driver has arrived or was driving to you. $14.95 if the driver had accepted the PKUP trip but was not on the way yet.

By law all cars must have current and active registration to be driven on Australian roads. Your driver held and holds the right to refuse to drive your car, if your car is not appropriately registered. You are responsible for making sure that your vehicle is registered. You were charged to compensate for the drivers time and effort.

Remember: all registration checks are done on these websites; Access Canberra, Service NSW, Vic Roads, QLD Gov, NT Gov, SA Gov, DoTDirect and Tas Rego check. Each website corresponds to the local governments vehicle registration database, all drivers act on the information provided on these websites. Should you suspect incorrect information displayed on one of these websites please have proof of registration at the time of pickup.

A: Sure, the PKUP team is more than happy to review your PKUP. Please, fill out the contact form, list your full name and phone number as registered on the PKUP app and let us know what needs to be clarified.

Remember: We’re human too. So, please send a constructive message, negative messages will only slow down the process.

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