How much does PKUP cost?

A: Pricing is based on the distance travelled, trip duration and city. Use our online price estimate tool here to get an instant estimate.

Alternatively, You can use the PKUP App here to enter your starting address and destination to get an instant estimate.

A: To request a PKUP, you can use our online booking tool here.

Alternatively, download the PKUP app here and create an account.

A: PKUP operates in

  • Brisbane, QLD
  • Canberra, ACT
  • Sydney, NSW
  • Gold Coast, QLD

Their corresponding pick-up zones are shown below.



Brisbane: pick-up zone



Canberra: pick-up zone

Note: if your PKUP is starting in regional NSW (excluding Queanbeyan and Jerrabomberra) the trip will need to end in the ACT.

Gold Coast: pick-up zone

Sydney: pick-up zone


A: Yes, we highly recommend you book in advance so we can provide you with the best experience. Trips requested for ‘now’ are subject to driver availability.

A: Drivers work in pairs. One will drive your car and the other will follow behind. 

A: You can request a pick-up at any hour of the day or night however, we highly recommend you book in advance. Trips requested for ‘now’ are subject to driver availability.

A: We recommend all passengers travel in your car.

Remember: you are booking a driver not a taxi (car/rideshare).

A: Absolutely, Just make sure to add the stop-off in the PKUP app.

1. Enter the pick-up location

2. Enter the destination (the first stop)

3. Click on the “plus” icon, next to the destination pin (the red pin).

4. Enter the second (final) stop off address

Note: you can use the ‘arrows’ button to change stop 1 and stop 2.

A: Children can ride in your car when using PKUP. This means that children can use the child seats already fitted in your car.

A: Most PKUP drivers are comfortable with taking pets however, some may be allergic. 

Please let your driver know through to ask them if they are ok with your pet being inside the car.

A: To request a driver to take your car to a service:

1. Request a driver with the ‘Just your car’ option in the PKUP app.

2. Once you have been paired with a driver, notify your mechanic that the listed driver will be dropping off your car/picking it up on your behalf.

3. Let the driver know where the car is going and where s/he should leave the keys.


How much will I earn?

A: You will keep 75% of each pick-up you complete (pricing varies on where you drive). Driving with PKUP takes double the man power (i.e. you and your shadow driver) so your earnings will take this into account. The cost of each pick-up is based on the distance and duration you travel, you can get price estimates here.

The more pick-ups you complete, the more you will earn. 
Payments are deposited into your account weekly.

A: You will be required commit at least a few hours a week. We will work with your schedule to ensure you drive when it suits you!

A: As a PKUP driver, you will be driving different cars from A to B (with or without riders).

This means you will need a way to get to the pickup location and a way to move to your next pick-up.

To get to your next pick-up you will need someone to drive you there, a shadow driver.

Your shadow driver can be anyone, your friend, family member or even your neighbour. This gives you freedom to choose how you move between pick-ups.

A: You will need to arrange a ‘Shadow Driver’ for each pick-up. Shadow Drivers can use their own car, bike or Scooter. 

You have complete freedom of how you transport yourself between pick-ups.

A: When signing up to drive you will to obtain the following:

– Full driver licence
– Australian Business Number

– Open driver licence
– Australian Business Number


– Full Driver licence (with T condition)
– Australian Business Number

That’s it!

A: Signing up to drive is completely free!

A: Sure! We’ll try out best to pair you up with a shadow driver. Contact us here

A: Signing up to drive is quick and easy. It only takes 3 steps:

– Sign up to drive using our online portal
– Watch the learning videos and download the PKUP Driver App
– Start driving

Payment and refunds

How does paying on the PKUP app work?

A: Payments with PKUP are automatic within the app. You will securely enter the details of your credit or debit card. After each pick-up the final amount is charged to your preferred card.

A: The PKUP system is integrated with Stripe (stripe.com/au) and all payments are processed through Stripe.

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

A: You may have been charged a cancellation fee to compensate for the drivers time.

If you think this was a mistake please contact us here

By law all cars must have current and active registration to be driven on Australian roads. Your driver held the right to refuse to drive your car, if your car is not appropriately registered. You are responsible for making sure that your vehicle is registered. You were charged to compensate for the drivers time and effort.

Remember: all registration checks are done on these websites; Access Canberra, Service NSW, Vic Roads, QLD Gov, NT Gov, SA Gov, DoTDirect and Tas Rego check. Each website corresponds to the local governments vehicle registration database, all drivers act on the information provided on these websites. Should you suspect incorrect information displayed on one of these websites please have proof of registration at the time of pickup.

A: Sure, the PKUP Team is more than happy to review your pick-up. Please contact us here.


What if my driver has an accident in my car?

A:  If a driver does damage your car, all claims will be made through your insurance policy.

You can review our insurance page here for more details

A: We recommend you contact an insurer that will cover your car to be driven by unlisted drivers. If your car does not have insurance then PKUP drivers will not be able to drive your car.

A: If you don’t have comprehensive insurance but still have third-party insurance you can still use PKUP.

Just like when you drive your own car every day, if the driver has an accident, your car will not be covered for damages.

In the event of a claim, the driver will be responsible for any excess fees.

A: We recommend updating your exisitng policy to cover unlisted drivers. All PKUP drivers are at least 25 years of age.

A: Yes, all PKUP driver are at least 25 years of age.

A: Yes, upon request, we are more than happy to connect you with a driver that is above the age of 25, 30 or 40.

You can get in contact with us here

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